2017 Seoul Tango Festival - Useful Notice for Participants

Thank you for coming to this year's Seoul Tango Festival. We hope you will have a safe trip and a great time!

  • Registration has closed. Milonga tickets are available at the door. You can sign up for classes at El Tango Cafe.
  • If you have already registered, please make payment and pick up your class/milonga tickets before attending any festival events. We can only accept cash in Korean won.
  • Warm-up Milonga is May 3rd Wednesday 9pm at Tango O Nada, DJ Yojine from Seoul. 10,000 KW at the door, no registration necessary.
  • Because of local law we will not be selling alcoholic drinks in the milongas. Feel free to bring your own alcoholic beverages if you would like.
  • Dress code for May 5th Friday Retro milonga is "retro" ^^

Registration & Payment

  • After you arrive please make payment and pick up your tickets BEFORE attending any festival events. You can register at El Tango Cafe or at the milongas:
    • During group class time at El Tango Cafe:
      - May 4 Thu 3:30pm to 6:30pm
      - May 5 Fri 12pm to 6:30pm
      - May 6 Sat 12pm to 6:30pm
      - May 7 Sun 2pm to 6:30pm
    • At any of the evening milongas form Thursday to Monday. If you want to avoid the line at the milongas, we advise you to come to El Tango Cafe during class time to process your registration first.
    • If your first festival event is a class at Bliss DanceSport, please make sure you have registered at El Tango Cafe or at one of the milongas first before going there.
  • We can only accept payment in cash in Korean won.
  • If you have not sent us a copy of your plane ticket to confirm your registration please do so immediately. The final deadline is April 30th. Any registration without plane ticket confirmation will be cancelled.
  • Once the festival starts we cannot accept cancellations or refund your fee. Please review your selection of classes and milongas beforehand. If you miss a class or milonga we cannot switch your reservation to a later one.
  • If you would like to add or change classes during the festival please come to El Tango Cafe to process the request. Changing classes is possible if there are spaces available and gender balance is not negatively affected.

Venues & Transportation

Warm-up Milonga

If you are arriving early please come to our Warm-up Milonga. It is not an official festival milonga and no registration is necessary.

Warm-up Milonga : May 3rd Wednesday 9pm at Tango O Nada (milonga.kr), DJ Yojine from Seoul, entrance fee 10,000 KW


  • Venues:
    • Bliss DanceSport: All odd-number classes
    • El Tango Cafe: All even-number classes
  • We are sorry but watching classes is not allowed.


  • Please remember to bring your ticket to the milonga. We may not be able to admit you without your ticket.
  • Because of local law we will not be selling alcoholic beverages in the milonga. Feel free to bring your own alcoholic drinks if you would like.
  • There is no reserve seating for any of the milongas. Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The published starting time of the milongas is the time entrance will start.
  • For all the milongas your milonga ticket includes one complimentary drink and snacks. We recommend you to eat something beforehand.
  • Retro Milonga Dress Code - The dress code for the milonga on May 5th Friday is retro, please come in your best 30’s outfit and hairdo!


  • Please do not videotape during classes. The teachers usually do a demonstration at the end of the class for videotaping purposes.
  • When taking pictures in the milonga please be careful not to disturb the people who are dancing. Please do not use flash.
  • During the milonga performances please do not videotape or take pictures. We hope you can enjoy the performances with undivided attention. After the festival, we will make available all videos and photos of the show by internet free of charge.

Contact Information

If you need any urgent assistance after you arrive please call the following numbers:

  • Leonel/Hung-Yut - 010-2611-7728 (English, Chinese)
  • Florencia/Hwayi - 010-2208-3224 (English, Korean)

Thank you for your attention. Have a safe trip and we will see you very soon!

Un abrazo,
Leonel y Florencia

* * *