2017 Seoul Tango Festival - Claim Your Prize

Congratulations! We are glad you will be joining 2017 Seoul Tango Festival.

To claim your prize, please following these easy steps:

1) Use the following link to register for the classes and milongas you want to attend. Make sure you type in your invitation or prize code in the comment field.

☞ Start Online Registration ☜

2) After we receive your registration we will apply any applicable free items and discounts, and send you a new e-mail with the updated price.

3) If you owe any balance please send this balance by bank transfer if you live in Korea, or pay us after you arrive if you are from abroad.

*** Please note that all prizes and invitations have to be redeemed by sending in a registration before the final registration deadline of April 30th, 2017. We cannot process your prize and invitation at the door. ***