2017 Seoul Tango Festival - DJs

Benjamin (Seoul)

  • Regular DJ of Tango O Nada and Ataniche in Seoul
  • Invited DJ for many milongas in Seoul (El Bulin, El Tango etc.)
  • Invited DJ for tango events and festivals such as:
    • Seoul Tango Festival
    • Sydney Tango Festival
    • Singapore Tango Festival
    • Saigon Tango Festival
    • La Esencia Hong Kong Tango Marathon
    • Taiwan Tango Marathon
    • La Ideal Bejing Tango Marathon
    • Suncheon Big Milonga 'Estrellas'
    • Encuentro Milongueros 'Mi Noche Milonguera' in Milano
    • El Bulin Milongueando - Andres Laza Moreno & Luciana Arregui Milonga

Federico Kim (Busan)

  • Federico DJs regularly at milongas in Seoul, Busan, and Pohang. He has been invited to DJ at many events and milongas in Korea. He runs El Bulin Busan Tnago Studio and is a founding member of “Sur,” a DJ study group in Busan.
  • 2010 ~ 2016 – Seoul Tango Festival DJ
  • 2015 ~ 2016 – San Francisco Tango Marathon
  • 2014 – Sydney Tango Salon Festival DJ and DJ Workshop
  • 2011, 2012 – Taipei Tango Festival DJ
  • 2009 – Daejeon Tnago Festival DJ

Jamie Lin (Hong Kong)

Since late 2013, Jamie has played music regularly in local milongas and tango events in Hong Kong, and has also been invited to DJ in various milongas and events in Seoul, Tokyo and Buenos Aires.

Jamie believes good music brings the best out of the dancers, and good DJs are those who deliver an abundance of energy and emotions to the dance floor with their musical sensibility and deep love for tango.

Jamie is known to be playing music consistently from the very best of golden age classics. It enables a meaningful connection with the dancers and forms the basis of Jamie's DJ style.

Lung-Kuei Lin (Taipei)

One of the most highly respected DJs in Taiwan and North America! From his home base in Taipei to festivals and marathons around the countries such as Portland, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Ann Arbor, Denver, Houston, Chicago, Montreal, Taipei, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul, Beijing, Singapore and Tokyo. He DJs regularly in all Milongas in Taipei now. Lung-Kuei’s smooth, thoughtful approach to tango music has delighted many a tanguera/o, and has earned him a place on the DJ roster of some of the countries’ most notable milongas in both Asia and North America. For more on Lung-Kuei and his DJ Calendar, please visit his website: www.lungkuei.com.

Ricardo Tan (Shanghai)

Co-Founder of the Vida Mia Tango Club and first generation tango DJ of Beijing. Ricardo has both witnessed and influenced the early tango scene in the Chinese capital city before he moved to Shanghai. Aside from being a sought-after DJ for regular local milongas, he recently discovered the joy of playing music for bigger tango events. Ricardo's work is driven by the desire to find the right moment to serve the floor with the most danceable and enjoyable set. Golden Age tango constitutes the baseline of his DJ repertoire with occasional excursions into both earlier and later years.

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