2016 Seoul Tango Festival - Performers

Group Choreography Performance

Solo Tango Club Elena (Seoul)

The Elena Performance Team was created in 2011 to perform at the 11th anniversary party of Solo Tango Club, and it has performed at this anniversary party every year since then. Elena won first place at the 2015 Korea Tango Championship Group Dance section. The motto of Elena is continual growth through steady effort and teamwork.

  • 2011 - Elena founded, first performance at Solo Tango Club 11th anniversary party
  • 2012~2015 - Continued to perform at Solo Tango Club anniversary party. Choreographers:
    • 2012, 2014 - Leonel & Florencia
    • 2013 - Mool & Odile
    • 2015 - Pennisula
  • 2015 - 1st place at the Korea Tango Championship, Group Dance section
  • 2015 - Performed at Korea Islang Tango Festival with Solo Tango Orchestra
  • 2015 - Performed at KTC 1st anniversary party

TangoBang (Shanghai)

TangoBang is the first school that is dedicated in promoting Argentina Tango in Shanghai since 2008. The dance group is joined by the teachers and assistant teachers of TangoBang who are passionate to share their love to tango and grow the community together.

The members are: Vivian Yeh, Matias Sotto; Charles Qiu y Fay Liu; Nam Lam y Jiaxin Din; Melody Wang y Roberto Wang

International Dancers

Eric & Annie (Taipei)

Annie and Eric are Argentine Tango dancers and teachers based in Taipei. They dance as a couple since 2009. In 2010, They traveled and lived in Buenos Aires for 9 months to improve their dance skills, as well as to experience the culture and life aspects of Argentine Tango. From 2011, they moved to Belgium and lived in Europe for three years. They danced in the milongas of different European cities and Tango festivals during their stay.For their dance, they always seek the elegancy and fluency in Tango salon.

They have been invited to perform in milongas and festivals in Taipei, Hong-Kong, Beijing, Seoul and Buenos Aires. Also, they are in the 4th place of Tango salon category in Seoul Tango Championship and the 1st runner up of Tango salon of Tango Championship of China in 2015.

Federico & Selene (Busan)

  • Dancers and teachers based in Busan, Korea. Founded Busan El Bulin Tango Studio in 2014
  • Taught and performed in various cities in Korea, including Pohang, Busan, Daegu, and Seoul
  • Performed in Sunderland, La Baldosa, Canning, Seguime Si Podes milongas in Buenos Aires in 2015
  • Performed in 2012-2015 Seoul Tango Festival, 2012 Beijing Tango Marathon, 2011 Pohang Tango Festival, 2011 Taipei Tango Festival, 2009 Busan Beach Milonga, 2009 Daejeon Tango Festival
  • Fourth place at the 2010 Asian Tango Championship in Tokyo
  • Finalist of the 2011 Mundial de Tango

Juan Carlos y Sae (Tokyo)

Sae & Juan Carlos, 2007 Asian Salon Tango Champions and World Salon Tango finalist in 2007 and 2010, are professional dancers and the organizers of Milongas and Tango Events in Tokyo. In 2011, they founded the Traditional Argentine Tango Dance School & Studio Muse in Tokyo. They have taught Tango Salon in several dance Studios, Cultural Institutions and Senior High School in Tokyo. In addition to being invited to teach and promote traditional tango dance all over Japan and Asia. They have performed at many of the most traditional and prestigious milongas in Buenos Aires, and the local milongueros have given them enthusiastic ovation for their outstanding performances. Now their traditional dance style, embodying passion and elegance, is bringing them international praise.

Jiwoon El Torito y Luna (Seoul)

  • Main teachers at Tango School
  • 2014 KTC Tango championship Champion
  • 2015 Seoul metropolitan tango championship - Vals & Milonga Champion

Matthew y Amelia (Jakarta)

Amelia Rambe and Ferrol Matthew are a new couple from Jakarta and are founders of Java Tango. Amelia & Matthew have been dancing together since May 2013, and are well known for their elegant, energetic and passionate dance.

They were in top 5 in Mundial Tango Pista 2015, Subcampeones (runner up) for Metropolitan 2015 Category MILONGUEROS DEL MUNDO in Buenos Aires. They were also Subcampeones for the Asian Championship 2015 in Japan. They have performed in prestigious milongas in Buenos Aires such us as La Baldosa, Malena Sunderland Milonga, Salon Canning, Confiteria Ideal and Milonga "25" in Villa Urquiza. They have performed in festivals in Seoul, Taipei, Singapore, Shanghai, Tokyo and Bali.

Nico y Xiao Pa (Beijing)

Nicholas Zhang, partner and founder of Vida Mia tango club-Beijing, known as a very good tango teacher, dancer and DJ. He has been invited to performed and DJ for several Asian Tango Festivals and events.

XiaoPa, senior tango teacher of Vida Mia tango club, She has been very active in Tango for the past 7 years as a Tango Teacher and Dancer. She is now devoted to teaching and Tango is now a very important part of her life.

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