2015 Seoul Tango Festival - Performers

*** Because of personal reasons Matthew & Amelia of Jakarta cannot come to Seoul to perform at this year's festival as advertised before.

Bong Bong & Nabi (Suncheon)

Bong Bong and Nabi started their partnership in 2006. They are based in Suncheon, a small city in the southern province of Korea, running a tango community “Suncheon Tango.” They organize Estrellas, a large-scale 15-hour milonga at a stadium, every year to encourage gathering and communication among tangueros across Korea. They performed at many local events such as International Garden Exposition Suncheon Bay, Agora Suncheon, and Suncheon Bay Garden to introduce tango to public. They also organize milonga, practica, and lessons so that tango can take firm root in a small city of Suncheon. They were co-organizers of Primavera in Seoul, and performed at festivals such as Seoul Tango Festival and Busan Beach Milonga, and tango bars such as Royal Tango, Tango School, Ataniche, El Tango, Tangueria, Café Nuevo. Learning from tango maestros, they never stop making efforts to have better partnership and better tango experience.

Derrick & Agnes (Taipei)

Agnes Tang and Derrick Lee started their tango career right after folk dance and flamenco. Besides having their own professions in private equity investment and electronic engineering, they are also professional dancers, teachers and choreographers giving regular tango lessons, performances and special workshops in Taiwan, Tokyo, Nagoya, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul... etc. They are also organizers hosting different kinds of tango events (practilonga, workshop, forum...etc.) from time to time to introduce decent tango artists to Taiwan. Their unique style of vibrant and artistic presentation of tango has always been popular and adored by the audience. (Facebook : Agnes y Derrick Tango / www.agnesyderricktango.com)​

Federico & Selene (Busan)

  • Dancers and teachers based in Busan, Korea. Founded Busan El Bulin Tango Studio in 2014.
  • Taught and performed in various cities in Korea, including Pohang, Busan, Daegu, and Seoul
  • Performed in 2012-2014 Seoul Tango Festival, 2012 Beijing Tango Marathon, 2011 Pohang Tango Festival, 2011 Taipei Tango Festival, 2009 Busan Beach Milonga, 2009 Daejeon Tango Festival
  • Fourth place at the 2010 Asian Tango Championship in Tokyo
  • Finalist of the 2011 Mundial de Tango

Gen y Lily (Singapore)

“Gen & Lily”, founders of Los Sueños are the icons to the Tango scenes in Singapore and teaching Tango in Asia and Singapore. They organise classes, Milonga and also Singapore Int'l Tango Festival. They are known and famous in their Milonga, the elegance and essence of tango - most unforgettably, their flawlessly spellbinding legworks! They were the Finalist World Tango Championship Buenos Aires in 2012 and 2014, won 1st place Championship Tango Salon in Hong kong 2013, 2nd place in Korea Championship and 3rd place in Asia Tango Championship in 2014. They also participated Festivals in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul, Malaysia, Philippines, Taipei, Jakarta , Bali, Japan, Singapore and performed in many famous milonga in Buenos Aires.

Nico y Xiao Pa (Beijing)

Nicholas Zhang, partner and founder of Vida Mia tango club-Beijing, known as a very good tango teacher, dancer and DJ. He has been invited to performed and DJ for several Asian Tango Festivals and events.

XiaoPa, senior tango teacher of Vida Mia tango club, She has been very active in Tango for the past 7 years as a Tango Teacher and Dancer. She is now devoted to teaching and Tango is now a very important part of her life.

Rodrigo y Natsuko (Hiroshima)

They are the teachers and organizers of El Abrazo de Tango Studio in Hiroshima. They won fourth prize & Best Couple & Best Dress Award at the Tango Asian Championship in Tokyo. They have performed in many events and shows in Japan, as well as in Zarate City in Argentina, and Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. They have appeared on Hiroshima Home Television, Brazil Perfect Television and many Japan and foreign media.

Sergiy & Ping (Shanghai)

Ping and Sergiy are professional Tango Dancers and Teachers from Shanghai, China. They been dancing and teaching together since 2010. In a past years Sergiy and Ping made many efforts on developing Tango community not only in Shanghai, but also all around China. Since 2011 they present China at Tango Festivals around the world, and been performing and teaching at Moscow, Rostov On Don, Vladivostok, Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Bali, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney, Seoul. They continue to devote their boundless energy to deepening their understanding of tango and to the development of tango in China. Every November Sergiy and Ping are organizing Shanghai Tango Marathon, event which brings together not only dancers from around China, but also big number of Asian and European dancers.
www.tangogo.org - «TangoGo» Dance School
www.shanghaitangomarathon.com - Shanghai Tango Marathon

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