2015 Seoul Tango Festival - Maestros

Jorge Dispari y Maria del Carmen "Marita" Romero

Jorge and Marita have been teaching tango for more than 25 years. They have taught many generations of students, among which are some of the top dancers today. They are deeply passionate about salon tango and are two of the most important representatives of Villa Urquiza style. Marita was the last partner of the tango legend Don Carlos Estevez "Petroleo", one of the greatest innovators of tango salon, and she danced with him in the last few performances of his life. After Petroleo, Marita met Jorge at Club Sin Rumbo and they have been partner ever since.

Javier Rodriguez

Javier has been touring extensively in Europe and Asia since 1988 and he is one of the most sought after dancers and teachers in international festivals and workshops. He is known not only for his elegance, precision and musicality, but also for his pedagogy, which came as a result of his passion and respect to the traditions of Argentine tango. In an interview in "La Milonga", Javier was referred to as a "young" old milonguero - a dancer with the heart of an old milonguero in a young person's body. Javier has been coming to Korea to teach since 2007 and he is an integral part of Seoul Tango Festival.

Christian Marquez y Virginia Gomez "Los Totis"

Christian and Virginia are a couple united by their passion for tango. They stand out for their strength, maturity, and distinct style of tango.

Their partnership began in 1996. They started training with renowned maestros and gained their first professional experience in 1997. Since then they have participated in many major national and international shows such as "Los tangos de la Cábala," "Piazzolla Tango, "Copes Tango Copes," and "O'Tango." In 2002 they started touring Europe and Asia for festivals and workshops.

They were the main couple featured in the music video "Diferente" by Gotan Project (2006). For two years in a row they participated in one of the most important tango festivals of Buenos Aires, CITA. They are currently dancers of the company "O'Tango" and "Corporacion Tango".

They give regular classes in Buenos Aires to transmit their knowledge to a new generation of tango dancers. Their dance is characterized by accuracy and quality of movement, with the goal of preserving the elegance and essence of pure tango.

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