2015 Seoul Tango Festival, April 30 - May 4

Because of overwhelming response, the After Party tonight (May 3rd Sunday 2am) has been moved to El Tango Cafe.
We hope everyone will feel comfortable there and have a great time!

The festival has started
Registration is closed, but there are tickets available at the door for milongas.
To join workshops, please come to El Bulin beforehand to sign-up.

Festival Updates (Updated April 23):

  • Final registration deadline is April 26 Sunday.
  • Because of overwhelming demand we are moving the April 30th Welcome Milonga to a bigger venue - the newly-opened Lime Dance Studio in Gangnam. It is a beautiful and spacious place, we hope you will all have a good time there! (festival map & venues)
  • Warm-up Milonga - It will be held on Wednesday April 29th 9-2am at Tango O Nada, DJ Benjamin, entrance fee 10,000 KW. Many foreigners will have arrived already, come out to dance and warm-up for the festival!
  • Post-festival milonga - If you are staying after the festival, there is a post-festival milonga organized by the Lo de Mina team of Sophy and Celia! "Friend's Milonga" May 5th Tuesday 9-2am at El Bulin, DJ TBA, Entrance fee: 10,000KW.
  • Some classes are already full, you can check class status here.
  • The venue of May 4th Farewell Milonga has been changed to the more spacious El Tango Cafe. Please note that the next day May 5th Tuesday is a public holiday in Korea so many local dancers will surely come out to dance Monday night!
  • Please note that Javier Rodriguez will not be coming to this year's festival with Noelia Barsi. However, he will be teaching all his workshops and dancing in all the scheduled performances as planned. His teaching and performing partner will be announced later.


Jorge Dispari y Maria del Carmen Romero
Javier Rodriguez
Christian Marquez y Virginia Gomez "Los Totis"

Anthony Miller (Sydney)
Federico Kim (Busan)
Felipe Martinez (San Francisco)
Lung-Kuei Lin (Taipei)
Xiao Bai (Shanghai)
Yojine Kim (Seoul)
International Dancers:
Bong Bong y Nabi (Suncheon)
Derrick y Agnes (Taipei)
Federico y Selene (Busan)
Gen y Lily (Singapore)
Nico y Xiao Pa (Beijing)
Rodrigo y Natsuko (Hiroshima)
Sergiy y Ping (Shanghai)

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