2014 Seoul Tango Festival - Performers

Bong Bong & Nabi (Suncheon)

Bong Bong and Nabi started their partnership in 2006. They are based in Suncheon, a small city in the southern province of Korea. They are working hard to spread tango in that part of the country, and they are excited to meet friends who share the same passion for tango from all over the world.

  • Current manager of the group "Suncheon Tango"
  • 2006 ~ 2009 - Organized and performed at the Union Milonga of Southwestern Korea
  • Since 2010 - Organized and performed at the annual event 'Estrellas'
  • 2011 - Performed at the Suncheon International Garden Expo
  • 2012 - 3rd place at the 1st World Tango Championship in Korea
  • 2013 - Performed and co-organized at Primavera 4
  • 2013 - Performed at Seoul Tango Festival

Federico & Selene (Busan)

  • Dancers and teachers based in Busan, Korea. Founded Busan El Bulin Tango Studio in 2014.
  • Taught and performed in various cities in Korea, including Pohang, Busan, Daegu, and Seoul
  • Performed in 2012 & 2013 Seoul Tango Festival, 2012 Beijing Tango Marathon, 2011 Pohang Tango Festival, 2011 Taipei Tango Festival, 2009 Busan Beach Milonga, 2009 Daejeon Tango Festival
  • Fourth place at the 2010 Asian Tango Championship in Tokyo
  • Finalist of the 2011 Mundial de Tango

Gen y Lily (Singapore)

“Gen & Lily”, founders of Los Sueños has been dancing Tango together for the last 6 years. They are the icons to the Tango scenes in Singapore, teaching Tango in Asia and Singapore. They organise regular classes, Milongas, events and also the organiser of Singapore Int'l Tango Festival. They are widely known and famous in their Milonga dance, the elegance and essence of tango - most unforgettably, their flawlessly spellbinding legworks!

Their passion has taken them round the world attending festivals and learning Tango, every year, they spent months in Buenos Aires to study Tango with their favorite teachers. They performed in several Tango Festivals in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul, Malaysia, Philippines, Jakarta , Singapore and many famous milonga clubs in Buenos Aires and were in the finalist in Tango Salon Mundial 2012.

Juan Carlos y Sae (Tokyo)

Sae & Juan Carlos, 2007 Asian Salon Tango Champions and World Salon Tango finalist in 2007 and 2010, are professional dancers and the organizer of “Labios de Tango” Milonga in Tokyo. Juan Carlos, from Buenos Aires City, came to Tokyo in 1999. Sae was an actress, with appearances in dramas, films and commercials. In 2011, they founded the Traditional Argentine Tango Dance School & Studio Muse in Tokyo. They have taught Tango Salon in several dance schools and studios in Tokyo and have organized numerous milongas. In addition to being invited to teach and promote traditional tango dance all over Japan, they have performed at many of the most traditional and prestigious milongas in Buenos Aires. Their festival appearances include Tokyo International Tango Festival, Korea-Japan Tango Encounter, Beijing International Tango Festival, Taipei Tango Festival, Hong Kong Tango Festival, Korea Tango Festival Primavera, Shanghai Tango Festival, Singapore International Tango Festival, Shanghai Tango Marathon and Fukuoka Sakura Tango Festival.

In 2013, Sae and Juan Carlos founded the Association of Promotion of Art & Culture, Inc.

Matthew y Amelia (Jakarta)

Amelia Rambe & Ferrol Matthew are a new couple from Jakarta and one of the founders the JAVA TANGO, they have begun dancing tango together since May 2013. This couple always dance in elegant,energetic and passioned style. They joined competitions in Hongkong and Japan and their passion bring them to runner up in 1st hongkong championship and 3rd place in 10th tango dance Asian championship in japan.

Amelia is salsa teacher for 10 years before, she began to persue tango at 2009, she is tango teacher in Jakarta, not only passion in tango, she is a designer of tango dress, she has make her name as a brand.

Matthew start tango at 2005, Barely 26 years old, he has metamorphosed into fine tango dancer.

Nico y Xiao Pa (Beijing)

Nicholas Chang, partner and founder of Vida Mia tango club-Beijing, known as a very good tango teacher, dancer and DJ in Beijing. He has been invited to performed and DJ for several Asian Tango Festivals and events.

XiaoPa, senior tango teacher of Vida Mia tango club, She has been very active in Tango for the past 5 years as a Tango Dancer. She is now devoted to teaching and Tango is now a very important part of her life.

Raymond y Lily (Hong Kong)

Raymond Chu and Lily Cheng have won as the Asian champions of the World Tango Championship (salon tango category) in 2011. They are an inspiration for the new generations of dancers, widely recognized for their elegance, precision and essence of tango in their dance.

Raymond and Lily have started dancing Argentine tango since 2003. They learnt from well-respected tango masters in Buenos Aires during their extended visits to Argentina years after years. They were invited to teach workshops and perform in Istanbul, Seoul, Taipei, Sydney, Tokyo, Shanghai, Bali, Singapore and Beijing, Brunei and in some of the prestigious milongas in Buenos Aires, like Sunderland, Salon Canning, La Baldosa, Club Gricel, La Nacional, Cachirulo etc. They are the founders of Otrotango, and have been actively promoting Argentine Tango to a wider audience in Hong Kong.

Sergiy & Ping (Shanghai)

Ping and Sergiy are the founders of Shanghai TangoGo dance school, and the organizers of Shanghai Tango Marathon, which takes place every year in mid-November. They have been developing their dance style in the past 4 years, studying with many respected teachers such as Sebastian Achaval y Roxana Suarez, Sebastian-Ariel Jimenez y Maria-Ines Bogado, and Daniel Nacuccio y Cristina Sosa. For the past 3 years Sergiy and Ping have been invited to perform in many different countries, including some milongas in Bunoes Aires, Beijing, Vladivostok, Hong Kong, and festivals in Singapore, Seoul, and Moscow. They have boundless energy. They continue to transform their way of dancing and teaching, and their understanding of the tango in order to develop tango in Shanghai.

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