2014 Seoul Tango Festival - DJs

Diego Xen (Seoul)

He began to dance tango in 2003. While becoming interested in tango music, he grabbed an opportunity to work as pinch-hitter DJ. From the year 2007, he started to work as freelance DJ at Tango O Nada. He learned his DJ-ing skills from famous DJs such as Mercury Park, Carlos Lee, Damian Boggio. He has DJed on many occasions including Seoul Tango Festival and Korea Tango Festival. He currently works at Tango O Nada, Ataniche, and Royal Tango House as regular DJ.

Federico Kim (Busan)

  • DJ regularly in local milongas in Pohang, Busan, and Seoul
  • Festival DJ:
    • 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 Seoul Tango Festival
    • 2011 Taipei Tango Festival
    • 2009 Daejeon Tango Festival
  • Founding member of Busan "Sur" DJ Study Group
  • Founded Busan El Bulin Tango Studio in 2014

Felipe Martinez (San Francisco)

As a DJ, Felipe has played music at most important festivals in the US like those in Portland, San Francisco, Baltimore, Denver, Washington DC, Atlanta, Houston, Fort Bragg, Austin as well as in many other communities like Providence, New York, Los Angeles. He DJs regularly in the Bay Area at The Beat (practica) and El Valenciano (traditional milonga) and has also played music in Europe (Spain, Germany) and Buenos Aires, where he was invited to play music at El Beso and Villa Malcolm Club in several ocassions. He was also invited to DJ in Asia at the Seoul Tango Festival in 2012 and 2013. Felipe's musical selection is based on the classics that ensure a great atmosphere for dancing.

Gennysam Alcantara (Singapore)

Resident DJ – Los Sueños

Gennysam, owner of Los Sueños, also known as GEN, is one of Singaporeʼs most happening DJ! He loves all kinds of music including hop, jazz, Ballroom, Salsa, latin to Tango. He started learning about Tango music in Buenos Aires during his trip in 2011 and has started his own collections of playlist “Feeling like in Buenos Aires” with a touch of his famous latin cortinas He believes in dancing not only to the music but making the Millonga a very danceable & enjoyable evening.

Robin Thomas (New York)

Robin, originally from Belfast, Ireland, has been dj'ing in New York City and around the world for 13 years. During his first trip to Buenos Aires in 2000 he acquired the habit of going to milongas every night. When he returned to New York he realized that he couldn't afford to continue doing so unless he figured out a way to get into the milongas for free. And so he became a DJ.

At that time in New York there were no DJ's playing tango music the way it was played in Bs.As., in tandas with cortinas and regular tandas of milongas and valses. Robin was determined to offer in New York the same experience that he had grown accustomed to in Argentina. In a relatively short time he was dj'ing at every major tango festival in the US and Canada, and before long was invited to DJ in several european festivals.

In addition to traveling to dj Robin also hosts two of the biggest milongas in North America; Nocturne and RoKo in New York City.

Yojine Kim (Seoul)

Started tango in 2006. Tango music has been the biggest motivation for her dancing and DJing. She feels happy to being DJ when she looks at the dancing floor with great energy and passion. To fill milonga with great mood, she uses all well known best tangos.

She participated as invited DJ at international tango festivals or milongas in Seoul, Singapore and Shanghai. She currently works as a freelance DJ at Tango O Nada, Ataniche and El Bulin in Seoul.

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