2014 Seoul Tango Festival - Map & Venues


The general area of the festival is located around Garosu-Gil (Garosu Street) in Sinsa-Dong (新沙洞, 신사동). It is one of the most lively and dynamic areas in Seoul, with plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, botiques, and night life. Here are some useful tourist information:

The closet subway stations are Sinsa Station and Apgujeong Station of the orange line (line #3).

This is a google map of all the festival venues. Some venues are outside of the display area. To see the map in a larger window with complete listing of festival venues and recommended hotels please click here.


Seoul has a vibrant tango community and there are many tango bars and studios. We are using some of the most established places for classes and milongas in this festival. We have included some beautiful photos of these places below.

We recommend you to walk to the festival venues whenever possible and avoid taking taxis because taxi drivers often cannot find the venues even when provided with an address.

El Bulin Tango Studio

  • Homebase of Seoul Tango Festival - come here for picking up your registration, buying extra milonga tickets, adding classes, and so on.
  • Venue for private classes, group classes, Thursday Welcome Milonga, Saturday After Party, and Monday Farewell Milonga
  • Tel: 010-2611-7728
  • Address: Gangnam-gu Sinsa-dong 561-16 B2 강남구신사동 561-16 B2
  • elbulin.co.kr

Tango O Nada

  • The oldest tango bar in Seoul, open since 2003!
  • Venue for April 30th Wednesday Warm-up Milonga (no registration necessary)
  • Tel: 02-324-7411
  • Address: Mapo-gu Donggyo-dong 200-29 B1 마포구 동교동 200-29 B1
  • milonga.kr

El Tango Cafe

  • The milonga with the biggest space in the Sinsa-area, newly renovated in 2014.
  • Venue for classes on Friday and Saturday, Friday Retro Milonga
  • Tel: 010-5247-4739
  • Address: Seocho-gu Jamwon-dong 27-11 서초구잠원동 27-11

Beta Dance Sports Academy

  • Venue for classes on Sunday and Monday
  • Tel: 02-3444-4922
  • Address: Gangnam-gu Sinsa-dong 537-3 3F 강남구 신사동 537-3 3F

SC Convention Gangnam

  • Venue for May 4 Saturday Grand Milonga
  • Tel: 02-569-7600
  • Address: Gangnam-gu Yeoksam-dong 635-4 강남구역삼동 635-4

Royal Tango House

  • A beautiful tango space located in Cheongdam, about 10 minutes from Sinsa
  • Venue for Sunday Singles Milonga
  • Tel: 070-4159-0904
  • Address: Gangnam-gu Cheongdam-dong 88-1 B2 강남구 청담동 88-1 B2

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