2013 Seoul Tango Festival - Performers

Besides performances by the festival maestros there will be two other shows. These shows will focus on the improvisation aspect of tango.

  • International Dancers Improvisation (May 3rd Friday Retro Milonga) - Performance by 7 invited international couples. Each couple will dance one song chosen by the DJ. The performance is totally improvised and the performers do not have prior knowledge of what song they will be dancing to until the music starts.
  • Surprise Show (May 5th Singles Milonga) - This performance is even more improvised. The 3 couples of performers are chosen from among the festival participants by the festival maestros. Nobody else (including the performers themselves) knows who the performers are until the show starts. The music will also be chosen by the maestros as well.

International Dancers

Bong Bong & Nabi (Suncheon)

  • Current manager of the group "Suncheon Tango"
  • 2006 ~ 2009 - Organized and performed at the Union milonga
  • 2010 ~ 2012 - Organized and performed at the event 'Estrellas'
  • 2009, 2010 - Invited by Suncheon city to perform and give lecture about tango
  • 2011 - Performed a number of outdoor shows at Gwangyang
  • 2010, 2013 - Performed at Primavera, co-organizer in 2013
  • 2012 - 3rd place at the 1st World Tango Championship in Korea

Daniel & Anna (Taipei)

Daniel is a renowned tango dancer and teacher from Taiwan, organizer of the Taipei Tango Festival and owner of Tanguísimo Tango Space in Taipei. Daniel speaks fluent Spanish as well as English and Mandarin and has never stopped his search for the essence of Tango de Salón and its culture, giving speeches about tango music regularly in Taipei. His wife Anna is a multi-talented model, actress, voice actress, magazine editor, artwork designer, tango clothes designer, and a tango dancer and teacher. She founded her collection ANNA GOLD Tango Wear in 2010. Daniel and Anna teach tango regularly and have performed in several occassions, including November 2012 at Hiroshima and at the 2012 Tokyo Tango Festival.

Esteban "TT" & Emilia (Beijing)

Esteban “TT” and Emilia are a couple of very influential professional dancers from Beijing. Since forming their partnership in 2008 they have been invited to perform and teach at 6 different cities in China. For the past few years they have devoted their total efforts in the promotion of Argentinian tango dance and culture. They are popular for their elegant, classical, and passionate dance style, and they have been invited to perform at various tango festivals. At the end of last year they formed their own tango club "Alma del Tango." 2012 was the first time that they visited Seoul Tango Festival, and they look forward to coming to Korea again and share their passion for tango with other Asian tango lovers.

Federico & Selene (Pohang)

  • Dancers and teachers based in Pohang, Korea
  • Taught and performed in various cities in Korea, including Pohang, Busan, Daegu, and Seoul
  • Performed in 2012 Seoul Tango Festival, 2012 Beijing Tango Marathon, 2011 Pohang Tango Festival, 2011 Taipei Tango Festival, 2009 Busan Beach Milonga, 2009 Daejeon Tango Festival
  • Fourth place at the 2010 Asian Tango Championship in Tokyo
  • Finalist of the 2011 Mundial de Tango

Felipe & Sandra (Hong Kong)

Felipe and Sandra are Hong Kong’s only full-time Argentine Tango couple. Young and passionate teachers and dancers, they have been partners since 2008 despite living and working in different cities at that time, as Felipe was originally from Taipei. In 2011, they finally decided to base in Hong Kong together and set up its first pure Argentine Tango studio, Malevos Tango School. In the past few years they have been invited to perform in Taipei, Seoul, Shanghai, Beijing and Sydney, and it is their joy to share their dance with other tango lovers around the world. For more information about Sandra & Felipe, please visit www.malevos-tango.com.

Gen & Lily (Singapore)

“Lily & Gen”, founders of “Los Sueños,” has been dancing Tango together for last 6 years. They are the icons to the Singapore Tango scenes, besides teaching, they are also festivals and events organisers. They also entered the Finals in Mundial De Tango Salon Category in 2012, and performed in famous Milonga in Buenos Aires: La Baldosa, Salon Canning, El Beso, Cachirulo, Gricel & La Nacional, including Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Malaysia, Japan, Philippines, Jakarta, Bali, Singapore, etc.

The couple who has met through dancing is well-known in the industry for their beautiful, elegant and distinctively intricate dance - most unforgettably, their flawlessly spellbinding legworks!

For more details, check out Los Sueños by Tangoeclipse website : www.tangoeclipse-sg.com.

Sergiy & Ping (Shanghai)

Ping and Sergiy are the founders and teachers of TangoGo dance school in Shanghai. They have also organized workshops for world-renowned maestros as well as weekly local milongas. They travelled the world to study with top-notch maestros to improve their dance level as well as teaching skill. They have performed in La Baldosa in Buenos Aires and at the prestigious Moscow Tango Festival in 2012. They continue to devote their boundless energy to deepening their understanding of tango and to the development of tango in Shanghai.

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