2013 Seoul Tango Festival - Maestros

Jorge Dispari y Maria del Carmen "Marita" Romero

Jorge and Marita have been teaching tango for more than 25 years. They have taught many generations of students, among which are some of the top dancers today. They are deeply passionate about salon tango and are two of the most important representatives of Villa Urquiza style. Marita was the last partner of the tango legend Don Carlos Estevez "Petroleo", one of the greatest innovators of tango salon, and she danced with him in the last few performances of his life. After Petroleo, Marita met Jorge at Club Sin Rumbo and they have been partner ever since.

Javier Rodriguez y Noelia Barsi

Javier Rodriguez has been touring extensively in Europe and Asia since 1988 and he is one of the most sought after dancers and teachers in international festivals and workshops. He is known not only for his elegance, precision and musicality, but also for his pedagogy, which came as a result of his passion and respect to the traditions of Argentine tango. In an interview in "La Milonga", Javier was referred to as a "young" old milonguero - a dancer with the heart of an old milonguero in a young person's body. Although the tango has evolved through the years, Javier remains dedicated to the tango that he has known and come to love - the tango that emphasizes embrace, walking, music, feeling, and the traditional codigas of the milongas.

Noelia Barsi was raised in the world of tango. She started dancing in shows in the milongas at age eleven. Her first partner was his brother Nahuel and they had toured extensively in Europe and in other parts of the world. Noelia has also performed in many of the top venues and shows in Buenos Aires as the lead dancer, including Teatro San Martin, Senor Tango, Cafe Tortoni, and Confiteria Ideal.

Seoul Tango Festival will be the first time Javier and Noelia partner each other.

Note: These are videos of Javier and Noelia dancing with their previous partners

Octavio Fernandez y Corina Herrera

Octavio and Corina are two of the best dancers among the younger generation of tango professionals in Buenos Aires. They are energetic, friendly, and deeply passionate about tango. Their local classes are very popular and their dance style is unique and dynamic. Octavio is also the organizer and DJ of the popular Yeite Milonga in Buenos Aires. He will DJ for us at the Farewell Milonga too.

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