2013 Seoul Tango Festival, May 1-6


*** Registration is now closed ***

If you have not registered yet but would like to attend the festival, please come to El Bulin after the festival starts to do on-site registration. Milonga tickets will also be available at the door.

Inquiry: leoyflortango@gmail.com

Jorge Dispari y Maria del Carmen Romero
Javier Rodriguez y Noelia Barsi
Octavio Fernandez y Corina Herrera

Anthony Miller (Sydney)
Federico Kim (Pohang)
Felipe Martinez (San Francisco)
Nico Zhang (Beijing)
Octavio Fernandez (Buenos Aires)
Yojine (Seoul)

International Dancers:
Bong Bong & Nabi (Suncheon)
Daniel & Anna (Taipei)
Esteban "TT" & Emilia (Beijing)
Federico & Selene (Pohang)
Felipe & Sandra (Hong Kong)
Gen & Lily (Singapore)
Sergiy & Ping (Shanghai)

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