2012 Seoul Tango Festival - DJs & Performers

DJs and performers are listed in alphabetical order.


Anthony Miller (Sydney)

With great knowledge and passion for tango I offer an unforgettable evening for those who really appreciate tango. "...I am a Tango Music enthusiast which is a never-ending mission: constantly on the lookout (listen-out) for tango music..." I am the regular DJ at The City Tattersalls Club “Celebrity Tango” Milonga, and "Tango Spirit" Milonga in the heart of the Sydney CBD. I run a tango school "Tango Spirit". International milongas:

  • 2008 - “Welcome Milonga” International Tango Festival in Sydney
  • 2009 - The Australian Tango Festival 2009 – Grand Milonga
  • 2010 - Santiago De Chile (El Cachafaz)
  • 2010 - Sydney Tango Salon Festival
  • 2011 - Seoul (Korea) Tango Festival (Singles Milonga)

Federico Kim (Pohang)

  • DJ regularly in local milongas in Pohang, Busan, and Seoul
  • Festival DJ:
    • 2010 & 2011 Seoul Tango Festival
    • 2011 Taipei Tango Festival
    • 2009 Daejeon Tango Festival
  • Founding member and president of Busan "Sur" DJ Study Group



Felipe Martinez (San Francisco)

  • Professional tango teacher and DJ based in San Francisco and travels all over the world
  • DJ regularly at local practicas and milongas in San Francisco
  • Has been invited to DJ at major festivals in the US and abroad, including Portland TangoFest, Antipanico Tango Festival (San Francisco), Tango Element (Baltimore), Denver Memorial Day Tango Festival, Atlanta Tango Festival, Houston Tango Festival
  • Invited to play music at El Beso twice in Buenos Aires

Lung-Kuei Lin (Taipei)

Lung-Kuei is an integral part of the U.S. scene, attracting both envy and affection as a dancer, and running off to festivals with tremendous zeal. He’s a very sought-after leader, constantly working to make his dancing more musical, and has developed keen sensitivity toward what makes a milonga go well.

Lung-Kuei started tango in 2005. He built a solid reputation as a DJ and now spins tunes at the best milongas in town. His choices are not strange: he just plays one good song after another, placed in sequence with sensitivity.

Lung-Kuei has zero attitude, always keeps a sense of humor, and remains a serious milonguero, 100% dedicated to the craft, the life, and the music of tango.


Maxima Chang (Taipei)

Maxima Chang was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. Throughout her tango dancing years, from the age of 18, she has learned from Javier Rodriguez & Andrea Missé and Marite Lujan.

In arranging the music for Milongas, she learned from and was inspired by many old porteño DJs. The music she plays is infused with her memories of the beautiful ambience of her musical experiences during her one-year stay in Buenos Aires in 2009.

In Taiwan, Maxima is the regular DJ for the weekly milongas at Corazon Studio and at the Tanguisimo Studio. She was also invited to be DJ for the 9th Taipei Tango Festival, the 2nd Sydney Tango Salon Festival and the 2nd Seoul Milongueando all in 2011.


Nicholas Chang (Beijing)

Being native to Beijing, Nico regularly plays tango music for the Vida Mia Tango Club's weekly milongas. He is also a wanted guest DJ for the prestigious Beijing Tango Sunday Milonga at the Sino Chu Wine Bar. Nico's natural taste for tango rhythms has helped to craft numerous wonderful nights for the Bejing tango community over the past three years.

  • October 2011 - Welcome Milonga of Milongueando en Séul 2011
  • November 2011 - Grand Milonga of the Shanghai International Tango Weekend
  • March 2012 – Very Beijing Milonga of 2012 Beijing Tango Marathon del Hutong
  • April 2012 – Opening Milonga of ATer Tango Club Beijing’s New Venue


International Performers

Derrick & Agnes (Taipei)

Agnes Tang and Derrick Lee started their tango career right after folk dance and flamenco. Besides having their own professions in private equity investment and electronic engineering, they are also professional dancers, teachers and choreographers giving regular tango lessons, performances and special workshops in Taiwan, Tokyo, Nagoya, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing... etc. Their unique style of vibrant and delightful presentation of tango has always been popular among students. In recent two years, they had been invited frequently to well-known international tango festivals such as Seoul, Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai. For more information please check Agnes y Derrick Tango at Facebook.


Esteban "TT" & Amy (Beijing)

Esteban “TT” and Amy are a couple of very influential professional dancers from Beijing. Since forming their partnership in 2008 they have been invited to perform and teach in 6 cities in China. As two of the founders of Tango Chino Club in Beijing, they are very devoted to the promotion of Argentinian tango dance and culture. They are popular for their elegant, classical, and passionate dance style, and they have been invited to perform in various tango festivals. Last year they came to Seoul for the first time to perform at the 2011 Milongeuando. They look forward to coming to Korea again and share their passion for tango with other Asian tango lovers.


Federico & Selene (Pohang)

  • Dancers and teachers based in Pohang, Korea
  • Taught and performed in various cities in Korea, including Pohang, Busan, Daegu, and Seoul
  • Performed in 2012 Beijing Tango Marathon, 2011 Pohang Tango Festival, 2011 Taipei Tango Festival, 2009 Busan Beach Milonga, 2009 Daejeon Tango Festival
  • Fourth place at the 2010 Asian Tango Championship in Tokyo
  • Finalist of the 2011 Mundial de Tango

Felipe & Sandra (Hong Kong)

Felipe and Sandra was introduced to Argentine Tango in 2002 and 2005 respectively. They started their tango partnership in 2008 despite living in different cities at that time. Their dance and teaching emphasizes the traditions of tango, its spirit, attitude, and its elements - elegance, energy and emotion. For the past few years they have been invited to dance in Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul, Shanghai, and Sydney. In early 2011 they both quit their jobs to devote their time fully to tango, teaching and performing mainly in Taipei. In September they returned to Hong Kong and co-founded "Malevos Tango School" to promote Argentine Tango, its dance, music and culture in the city.


Jose & Juliana (Buenos Aires)

Juliana y José are a young Argentinean tango couple united by their passion for tango, their dedication to dancing and their wonderful friendship.

Juliana Aparicio trained as a rhythmic gymnast in her childhood and started studying ballet and modern jazz in her teens. She currently gives regular classes in both disciplines. Since 2007, she has devoted herself exclusively to tango and has trained with Alejandra Armenti y Daniel Juárez, Fabian Peralta, and Javier Rodríguez.

José Almar started dancing tango in 1999 and has trained with some of the most prestigious maestros and milongueros. Over the last six years he has been performing and teaching extensively in Argentina and Latin America as well as in Europe, particularly in Russia and Ukraine. He has taken part in many international Tango Festivals and had the privilege of dancing and working with Milena Plebs, Graciela González and Stella Missé.


Raymond & Lily (Hong Kong)

Raymond and Lily have won as the Asian Champions in Tango Salon category in 2011, they have ranked 4th in semi-final round in the World Championship in Buenos Aires, and became one of the Finalists.

They have started Argentine Tango in 2003 and have devoted to Tango since then. They have learnt Tango from numerous Argentine masters with their extended visits to Buenos Aires. They started teaching since 2006 and have been invited to perform and teach in various festivals in Japan, Korea, Taipei, Sydney, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore and in many other milongas and occasions. In 2010, Lily quit her job as an architect to work fulltime to promote Argentine Tango in Hong Kong, and in 2012, they have just opened their own OTROTango Dance Studio.

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