2011 Seoul Tango Festival - Milongas

Thursday Welcome Milonga

Date & Time: May 5 (Thu) 9pm ~ 1am
Venue: El Bulín
DJ: Mercury (Seoul)

We kick off the festival at El Bulín Tango Studio, the home base of Seoul Tango Festival. The maestros will wet our appetite with an improvised performance. Light snacks and drinks will be served. Please don’t hesitate to reconnect with old friends and start meeting new ones.

Friday Retro Milonga

Date & Time: May 6 (Fri) 9pm ~ 2am
Venue: El Tango Café
DJ: Federcio (Pohang)
Dress code: 30’s Retro

The venue of this milonga is El Tango Café, the biggest tango bar in Seoul. It is only 5-minute walk away from El Bulín and the recommended hotels in the area. The dress code tonight is retro - we look forward to seeing your best 30’s outfit and hairdo. There will be a 20-minute show by the international dancers, plus wine, drinks, and snacks.

Saturday Grand Milonga

Date & Time: May 7 (Sat) 9pm ~ 2am
Venue: SC Convention Gangnam
DJ: Lampis (USA)
Dress code: Formal

The main milonga of the festival will take place at the spacious and elegant SC Convention Center in Gangnam. The highlight of the evening is a breath-taking 30-minute Tango show by our maestros. A light buffet and refreshments will be served, and we will be dancing till 2am in the morning.

Saturday night After Party

Date & Time: May 8 (Sun) 2am ~ (After Saturday night Grand Milonga)
Venue: El Bulín
Host: Johnny
DJ: Emily (Hong Kong)

If you would like to dance more after the Grand Milonga, please come to El Bulín for the After Party. Our host, Johnny, is determined to keep you dancing till the morning.

Sunday Singles Milonga

Date & Time: May 8 (Sun) 9pm ~ 3am
Venue: New RingoPop
DJ: Anthony (Sydney)

In this milonga we will follow the traditional code of the singles’ milongas in Buenos Aires. Men and women will be seated in separate sections and we encourage you to practice “cabeceo” (inviting dances by eye contact). There will be a 20-minute show by Korean dancers.

Monday Farewell Milonga

Date & Time: May 9 (Mon) 9pm ~
Venue: El Tango Café
DJ: Hayoung (Seoul)

We will go back to El Tango Café for the last milonga of the festival. Please come enjoy an evening with a familiar and friendly atmosphere. Say farewell to your new friends by sharing a few more tandas of beautiful tango music. The maestros will entertain us once again with their improvised dances.

Sunday Afternoon Milonga “Scent of Tea”

Date & Time: May 8 (Sun) 2pm ~ 6pm
Venue: El Tango Cafe
DJ: Yeong (Busan)

Your hosts of this milonga are Federico & Selene, a couple who promote and teach tango in the southern city of Pohang. Selene is a also a certified instructor of Korean tea ceremony. She will serve traditional Korean tea and snacks. Please come enjoy a relaxing afternoon with a Korean flavor!

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