2011 Seoul Tango Festival - Maestros

Gabriel Missé y Analia Centurión

Acclaimed for his classic tango style, Gabriel Missé is one of the greatest milongueros of this generation. He began his studies of Argentine Tango at age 6 with masters such as Antonio Todaro and Pepito Avellaneda. He has performed with important artists and musicians like Julian Plaza, Colangelo, Oscar Basil, Alberto Castillo, Roberto Goyeneche, Mariano Mores, Armando Manzanero and in the show Tango x 2. He also choreographed the show Tango Danza. He was on the jury for the Campeonato Metropolitano and Mundial de Tango. He was invited to perform and teach at many festivals in Europe and Asia.

Analia Centurión has studied classical ballet, modern dance, and piano since the age of six. She has extensive experience performing and teaching tango in Argentina, North America, Europe, and Asia. Some of the tango shows she has performed in include Mora Godoy Tango, Juan Carlos Copes company, Piazzolla Tango, and La Ventana. She was also the director of "Fusión Tango", a tango company whose members were children and young adults.

Website: www.gabrielmisse.blogspot.com, www.analiatango.blogspot.com

Fabian Peralta y Lorena Ermocida

Fabian began dancing with the National Folkloric Ballet. Since beginning his tango career at 23, he has worked extensively with many tango houses and tango shows in Buenos Aires, including La Ventana, Esquina Homero Manzzi, Copes Tango Copes, and Tango x 2. He had directed his own tango company, "Corporación Tango,” and he was the World Tango Salon Champion in 2006 with Natacha Poberaj. In Buenos Aires, he has taught regularly at the Carlos Copello Tango School for the past 5 years. Abroad, he has toured many important tango festivals in Europe, Asia, and Australia. His dance style stands out for its musicality, elegance and picaresque quality, with a close embrace and a strong traditional tango salon influence.

Lorena Ermocida graduated from the Academy of Classical and Contemporary Dance, and devoted herself to the study of the Argentine Tango with teachers like Gloria and Eduardo Arquimbau, Gustavo Naveira and Olga Besio, Mingo and Esther Pugliese, Antonio Todaro, among others. She has worked as a dancer and teacher in the Gallery of Tango Argentino, has participated in several documentaries and films like Evita. She has worked as a choreographer and dancer in various programmes, such as the Gotan project with Juan Carlos Copes; and Tango x 2 in 1995 and 1996. With her partner Osvaldo Zotto, she worked with the famous singer Julio Iglesias from 1999 to 2008 and has performed in festivals and major theaters around the world including the Metropolitan Opera House in New York, the Royal Albert Hall in London, Luna Park, Bs, l 'Opéra de Paris, among others. She has worked in Europe, the U.S., Canada and Switzerland and participated as guest of honor at the 2010 Festival of Florianópolis. Lorena won the Massine Positano Prize for her contributions to tango and has for several years participated as a judge at the World Tango Championships of Buenos Aires.

Website: www.fabianperalta.com.ar

Javier Rodriguez y Andrea Missé

Javier and Andrea is a celebrated couple both in Buenos Aires and worldwide, and are one of the most sought after teachers in international festivals and workshops. They are known not only for their elegance, precision and musicality in their dance, but also for their pedagogy, which comes as a result of their passion and respect to the traditional Argentine tango.

Growing up in the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, their knowledge and understanding of tango come from the old milongueros and milongueras who are married to the milongas, the place where they learnt how to dance. Although the tango has evolved through the years with new elements added, Javier and Andrea remain dedicated to the tango that they have grown up to know - the tango that emphasizes the embrace, the walk, the music, the feeling, and the tradtional codigas of the milongas.

Javier and Andrea not only nurture their students to become better dancers technically and aesthetically, they also inspire them to feel and understand tango not as a dance, but as an attitude and a way of life.

Website: javieryandrea.blogspot.com

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