2010 Seoul Tango Festival - DJs & International Performers


This year we have DJs coming from 4 different cities. We hope you will enjoy their music!

  • Carlos (Seoul)
  • Emily (Hong Kong)
  • Federico (Pohang)
  • Kitty (Hong Kong)
  • Lola (Seoul)
  • Mercury (Seoul)
  • Yeong (Busan)

International Performers

We are very happy to present these international dancers who will perform at Johnny's Retro Milonga on Friday, April 30. Each couple will dance 2 songs for us and the whole show will last about 25 minutes.

Cristian y Nao (Japan)

  • Cristian is originally from Argentina. Nao is native Japanese. They became partner in 2007.
  • They are the salon champion of the 2009 Asia Tango Championship in Tokyo.
  • In the same year they won 3rd prize at the stage section of the World Tango Championship in Buenos Aires.
  • They are professional Tango dancers, teachers, and choreographers based in Tokyo, and they have been invited to perform at various festivals and events.

Website: crisynao.web.fc2.com

Derrick & Agnes (Taiwan)

Derrick Lee and Agnes Tang have been partners since they were studying in National Taiwan University and have been dancing tango together for many years. They have studied tango from masters in many different countries, such as Argentina, United States, France, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Turkey...etc. In spite of having their own professions in electronics engineering and private equity respectively, they are professional tango dancers, teachers and choreographers giving regular tango lessons, performances and workshops in Taiwan. They have been invited for speeches, workshops and performances in several cities in Japan, China, Hong Kong and also interviewed by various media and press. In year 2006, they won the Creative Expression prize in Asian Tango Championship in Tokyo and also entered semi-final round in Worldwide Tango Championship in Buenos Aires. Their vibrant and breezy dance is always popular and their interpretation of tango along with interactions with each other make a very unique and impressive style.

Website: derricktango.spaces.live.com, agnestango.spaces.live.com

Jino & Yuni (Korea)

  • They have been studying Tango in Buenos Aires since August 2008 and they will return to Korea in April 2010.
  • While in Buenos Aires, they have been invited to perform at the following places: La Ratonera Cultural, Teatro Ateneo de la Inmaculada Concepción, Teatro Coliseo, Milonga La Baldosa, Club Sunderland, etc.

Website: jinoyuni.blogspot.com

Raymond & Lily (Hong Kong)

Raymond and Lily started Argentine Tango in 2003 and have devoted to Tango since then. They are very dedicated dancers and have learnt Tango from many Argentine masters including with their extended visits to Buenos Aires. They started teaching since 2006 and have been invited to perform in various occasions, including Seoul Tango Festival in Korea, Taipei Tango Festival and in many other milongas and shows. They are the organizer of Practica Otro and Outdoor Milongas, actively promoting Argentine Tango in Hong Kong. In September 2008, they participated in the World Stage Tango Championship in Korea and got into the semi-final round of the competition amongst many professional tango dancers from all over the world.

Website: otro-tango.com

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