2010 Seoul Tango Festival - Maestros

Javier Rodriguez y Andrea Missé

Javier and Andrea is a celebrated couple both in Buenos Aires and worldwide, and are one of the most sought after teachers in international festivals and workshops. They are known not only for their elegance, precision and musicality in their dance, but also for their pedagogy, which comes as a result of their passion and respect to the traditional Argentine tango.

Growing up in the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, their knowledge and understanding of tango come from the old milongueros and milongueras who are married to the milongas, the place where they learnt how to dance. Although the tango has evolved through the years with new elements added, Javier and Andrea remain dedicated to the tango that they have grown up to know - the tango that emphasizes the embrace, the walk, the music, the feeling, and the tradtional codigas of the milongas.

Javier and Andrea not only nurture their students to become better dancers technically and aesthetically, they also inspire them to feel and understand tango not as a dance, but as an attitude and a way of life.

Website: http://javieryandrea.blogspot.com/



Fabian Peralta y Virginia Pandolfi

Fabian began dancing with the National Folkloric Ballet. Subsequently he had worked extensively with many tango houses in Buenos Aires. He had run his own tango company, "Corporación Tango,” and he was the World Tango Salon Champion in 2006.

Virginia had worked with numerous dance companies from her home city of Cordoba, including the Municipal Ballet of Tango and Folklore. For two consecutive years she won the Tango Championship in Cordoba and represented her city in the World Tango Championship in Buenos Aires.

3 years ago they started their partnership and danced for the prestigious tango house "La Ventana", as well as the tango company TANGO X 2. They have since toured many cities in Europe, North America, and Asia, giving workshops and teaching and performing at festivals.

Their dance style stands out for its musicality, elegance and picaresque quality. They dance Salon tango, with a close embrace and a strong milonguero-style influence. When performing they connect with a flowing tango energy, making each dance a unique experience for the audience.

Website: http://fabianyvirginia.blogspot.com/

Francisco Forquera y Carolina Bonaventura

Carolina's teaching style combines a deep understanding of the anatomical function of the body, the technique of Tango as a discipline, and her extensive experiences as a recognized dancer. Using her deep and precise understanding of tango technique, Carolina guides her students and challenges them to reach perfection for each movement.

Francisco's teachings focus on the dynamics within the couple and movements generated from visceral feelings between the partners. He emphasizes on the essence of the dance, in particular the embrace which produces the connection between the man and the woman, and from this internal energy diverse figures are originated.

Dancing from the deep of their inner selves, Carolina and Francisco form a sensorial and spiritual connection with their tango and provoke diverse sensations and reactions from their audiences. They demonstrate the intensity of the dance by their embrace and by the perfection of their teachings.

Website: http://www.mariposita.com.ar/