2009 Seoul Tango Festival - DJs, Performers, & Participants



Vijay is based in San Francisco, USA. He is an excellent DJ and has worked in some of the biggest Tango festivals in the US (list), including the Portland and Denver Tango festivals. This is his first Tango adventure in East Asia, and we are very excited to have him DJ the Singles Milonga and Grand Milonga for us.


Mercury is one of the pioneers in Korea to study Tango music seriously and DJ in milongas. He has been playing music at Tango O Nada every Saturday night for years, and he has also DJed many big events throughout Korea. He is going to play music for us at the Opening Milonga.


Lola is an up-and-coming DJ from Seoul. She has studied intensively with Carlos Lee, Dan Boccia, and Damian Boggio, and her DJing at Tango O Nada on Tuesday is particularly popular. She will be DJing for us at the Farewell Milonga.


The following are the international performers for the Singles Milonga (May 8, Friday).

Akiyoshi & Noriko (Japan)

Akiyoshi and Noriko (website) started dancing Tango 19 years ago. Since then they have been going to Buenos Aires every year to further their understanding of Tango. Over their career they have taught numerous classes and danced in numerous shows. In 2001 they started organizing the annual Tango Week in Tokyo, which have brought many top-notch Argentinian dancers to the Japanese community. They are also the stage champion of the 2006 Asia Tango Championship in Tokyo.

Daniel Liu & Stacy Jou (Taiwan)

Daniel and Stacy are the top Tango dancers in Taiwan. They founded the Taipei Tango Association and Tanguísimo Tango Space. Having taught Tango for 9 years they have made outstanding contributions to the growth of Tango in their home country. Since 2003 they have been organizing the annual Taipei International Tango Festival, which has become one of the most important Tango events in east Asia. Their dance style is elegant and refined, and they have been invited to teach and perform in Japan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, as well as the 2008 Sitges Tango Festival.

Gustavo & Wei-Ning (Taiwan)

Gustavo (website) has taught Tango for 9 years and is one of the most experienced professional Tango teachers in Taipei. His dance is elegant and passionate, and his style is a combination of Tango Salon and Tango Fantasia.

Wei-Ning graduated from the Performing Arts Center of the National Taipei University of the Arts, and the Psychology Department of Kaohsiung Medical University. She is an outstanding modern dancer and has participated in many performances in Taiwan and abroad. In 2005 she started Tango with the Taipei Tango Association, and currently she is partnering Gustavo for teaching and performances.

Raymond & Lily (Hong Kong)

Raymond and Lily (website) started Tango in 2003 and have been devoted to Tango since then. They are very dedicated amateurs and have learned Tango from many masters from Argentina. They started teaching since 2006 and have been invited to perform in various occasions. They are organizer of Practica Otro and Outdoor Milongas in Hong Kong. In September 2008, they participated in the World Stage Tango Championship in Korea and got into the semi-final round of the competition amongst many professional tango dancers from all over the world.

Coleman & Fiona (Hong Kong)

Both Fiona and Coleman (website) started tango around 2003 and since then they have become one of the most active couples that promote Argentine Tango in Hong Kong, mostly as volunteers. They have been invited to perform in many occasions including the annual Taipei Tango Festival. They are a proponent of social tango and pure improvisation rather than stage tango with choreography, and this can be seen clearly from their playfully-styled interpretation of Milonga and Vals. They have one regret - they still have not set foot in the Tango mecca of Buenos Aires, but they are definitely looking forward to that day to come. Coleman is also the organizer of Milonga del Corazon (website), one of the most popular Saturday milongas in Hong Kong.

Juny & Victoria (South Korea)

Juny and Victoria are two of the most experienced Tango dancers and teachers in Korea. They have been to Buenos Aires multiple times and studied with many masters. In 2007 they entered the salon section of the first Korea Tango Open Championship and won first prize. Together with other Tango enthusiasts they founded the "El Beso" Tango club. Recently they have started to combine yoga and massage therapy in their dance and their teachings.

Leonel & Florencia (South Korea)

Florencia (Hwayi) studied ballet in high school and college, and subsequently worked as a professional musical actress for 8 years. In 2004, she participated in the World Tango Championship in Buenos Aires and won second prize in the stage section.

Leonel (Hung-Yut) grew up in Hong Kong but spent most of his adult life in the United States. In 2002, he won first prize at the USA Tango Contest in Los Angeles. He met Florencia in Korea in 2005, soon thereafter they began their partnership.

Together they are very active in promoting Argentine Tango culture in Korea. Besides teaching, performing, and organizing milongas, they have also invited Javier Rodriguez and Andrea Misse to Seoul for annual workshops since 2007.

They are the orgainzers of 2009 Seoul Tango Festival.


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