2009 Seoul Tango Festival - Milongas

Milonga Seating

  • For the Grand Milonga and Singles Milonga, all seats and tables are pre-assigned according to the order of registration. That means the earlier you register, the better chance you will get a good seat and a good table. If you would like to be assigned to sit with your friends, please mention it in your registration e-mail.
  • There is no pre-assigned seating for the Welcome Milonga and Farewell Milonga. Seats and tables are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Grand Milonga "Niño Bien"

Niño Bien is one of the most classic milongas in Buenos Aires. It takes place every Thursday night at the magnificent Centro Región Leonesa. We would very much like to reproduce Niño Bien's festive and regal atmosphere with the Grand Milonga of this festival.

We are having this event at the comfortable and spacious Samjung Hotel. The highlight of the evening is a breath-taking 30-minute Tango show by our masters. Light buffet and refreshments will be served, and we will be dancing till at least 3 in the morning!

Samjung Hotel

  • Date & Time: May 9th Saturday 9:30pm - 3:00am
  • Venue: Adonis Hall, Sam Jung Hotel
  • DJ: Vijay
  • Note: All seats and tables are pre-assigned according to the order of registration

Welcome Milonga "Canning"

We name the opening milonga of the festival “Canning” because it is one of the most famous and popular milongas in Buenos Aires. We hope, similar to Canning, the Welcome Milonga will bring together Tango lovers from all over the world and provide them with an opportunity to meet new friends and enjoy Tango together.

The Welcome Milonga will be held at El Tango Cafe, a brand new Tango cafe that was opened in February. In this milonga we will introduce our Argentinian masters and they will greet us with their elegant improvised dances.

El Tango Cafe

Singles Milonga "Cachirulo"

Cachirulo is a highly-regarded milonga that takes place every Saturday night in downtown Buenos Aires. It faithfully follows the code of “singles' milonga” where men and women sit in separate and facing sections and they invite each other to dance by "cabeceo" – invitation by the eyes and without words.

We will try to reproduce this fun and essential part of Tango culture in our Singles Milonga. Cabeceo was invented for good reasons and you have to give it a try - it will surely prepare you for your next trip to Buenos Aires!

In the same evening we are honored to have dancers from all around east Asia to perform for us (list of performers).

Milonga at RingoPop

  • Date & Time: May 8th Friday 10:00pm - 3:00am
  • Venue: RingoPop Studio
  • DJ: Vijay
  • Note: All seats and tables are pre-assigned according to the order of registration

Farewell Milonga "Sin Rumbo"

Sin Rumbo is a historical milonga located in Villa Urquiza, a suburb of Buenos Aires. It is very much a neighborhood milonga, where family and friends sit together and most of the participants know each other and have been going there for years.

We would like the final milonga of the festival to have a familiar and friendly atmosphere as well. You can say farewell to your new friends by sharing a few more tandas of beautiful Tango music. We will hold the Farewell Milonga at the cozy Tango O Nada, the oldest and most established Tango bar in Seoul. Our masters will entertain us once more with their improvised dances.

Tango O Nada

Local Milonga

  • Date & Time: May 11th Monday night
  • Although we are not officially organizing a milonga for the festival on Monday night, there is always a place in Seoul to dance! We will let you know of a nice milonga for everyone to go to on this final night.