2009 Seoul Tango Festival - Maestros

Javier Rodriguez y Stella Misse
Javier Rodriguez and Andrea Misse have had a significant influence on Tango in Korea since their first visit in 2007. This year Andrea cannot join us because of personal reasons, but we are very excited to welcome Javier and Andrea's sister Stella to Asia. Here are 3 videos of Javier and Stella debut exhibition in Sunderland (you can also watch this playlist in Youtube).

Francisco Forquera y Carolina Bonaventura

Francisco and Carolina (website) both had outstanding dancing careers before forming their current partnership in March 2008. Francisco was a star with Forever Tango and Carolina had toured the world for festivals and workshops. Together they now run an excellent Tango school in Buenos Aires called Mariposita de San Telmo.

Leonel and Florencia met this very fun and friendly couple during their current stay in Buenos Aires. Their classes are characterized by a deep and clear focus on the music, excellent explanation of body movement, and teachings rooted in the traditions of classical Tango. Their classes for stage Tango are especially fun and helpful, even for Tango dancers who do not plan to make a living with performing Tango on stage!

Below are 3 videos of their performances (playlist in Youtube).

Fabian Peralta y Virginia Pandolfi

Florencia first met Fabian in 2004. She was impressed by the gentle and sweet quality of his dance. Dancing with a different partner, Fabian was also the Salon Champion of the 2006 World Tango Championship in Buenos Aires. We are very happy to finally bring him and Virginia (website) to Korea for their first visit. Here are some videos of their performances (Youtube playlist):